Check-in kiosk

Check-in kiosk : complete management of arrival flows

A self check-in solution allowing reception teams to be fully available to welcome guests or patients. Manage 100% of onsite arrival and departure flows: check-in, check-out, walk-in and stay extension.

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Unmatched check-in platform

Tabhotel check-in solutions share one thing: an unmatched cloud platform. For the 1st time, a cloud technology allows you to create, automate & monitor custom check-in journeys that suit your needs, premises & brand identity.


Monitor all journeys from a single place with real-time features: performance dashboard, hardware supervision, notifications & ticketing.


Offer a personalized and memorable check-in experience to your guests. Your reception staff also gets the power to increase hotel revenue.


Be there for your guests when it really matters with our smartwatch check-in app and its real-time notification system.

Tabhotel check-in kiosk solutions

The self-service check-in kiosk allows you to manage all arrival flows. Following our holistic approach of the check-in step, we recommend to combine this solution with online check-in and connected team features & devices. Bring to your customers an omnichannel check-in experience & maximize your ROI: customer experience, business profitability and staff efficiency.

Hermes: Hotel check-in kiosk

Powered by our cloud platform, Hermes self-service check-in kiosk covers all guest flows: check-in, check-out, walk-in, stay extension, key delivery and retrieval and more. Custom kiosk colors and custom furniture design.

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Tableo: Contactless check-in kit

Tableo is a smart solution combining Tabhotel cloud platform, mobile check-in, and a light kit on site for a contactless experience. Key delivery in less than a minute.

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Hotel key delivery contactless

Digitalis: Patient check-in kiosk

Agile self-service solution: Save time for your patients and teams. Manage efficiently 100% of your arrival flows. 'Flexible design according to every needs & features.

Bring your check-in experience to the next level

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Check-in with Love: Here is what our customers have to say about it!

Mobile and Kiosk check-in

« Nowadays, it is really important that a complete guest check-in process takes less than 2 minutes. Tabhotel made it possible for us »

Project Manager, M3 Hospitality

Check-in kiosks, patient portal, smart orientation and queue management

« Nous voulons améliorer l’accueil des patients et diminuer l’attente avant et après les consultations en simplifiant les formalités administratives »

Genral Director, Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph

Mobile and Kiosk check-in

« Travellers’ habits and expectations are changing. Together with Tabhotel, we could adapt to those changes by designing and implementing a new check-in experience simple, smart and efficient  »

Projects Manager, REVIER Hospitality Group AG